Alexander Nevzorov

’A simple analysis of ‘’when I do what I do- what does she feel’’ is the shortest way to a horse’s heart and to a fantastic effectiveness in the education of a horse.

But the question ‘’what does she feel?’’ we should answer honestly. Extremely honestly. 

The more strictly the rider questions himself, the more full and precise his image of the physiological sensations that the horse experiences, the more honestly he can answer himself, and the more effective the educational process is.

But, as I already mentioned, in order to answer honestly you must understand.

My apologies for my harsh attitude, but I am repeating again and again, that the understanding of the physiological sensations of a horse with all their nuances is vitally important.

The person who doesn’t understand this ‘’physiological grammar’’, doesn’t understand a horse, doesn’t understand anything.

All that has to be done is to simply think, to break out of the stereotype and to think. Then many things will become possible.

Investigation into the deep psychology of a horse, different kinds of ‘’extra-sensory’’, or shamanistic practices are not foremost things.

They are attractive and may be necessary in the School work with a horse, but everything arises first from physiology and anatomy.

You can learn by heart the teachings of Pluvinel and Fiachi, you can string yourself from head to toe with Lakota amulets, you can learn all the charms of Falling Coyote or ‘’Horse Encyclopedia’’, but if you simply cause a horse pain or discomfort, she won’t make friends with you.’’

-Alexander Nevzorov
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